What are the upfront costs?

Our members pay annual subscriptions, which are an important source of income to our charity, and help us cover our costs of insurance, the documents you receive on joining, including a comprehensive Training Manual, a quarterly magazine delivered to your door, and other administration and governance costs. In your year of joining it is half price and pro-rata for the amount of the year left. Your unit leader or Headquarters will explain the rates.

Do I get reimbursed for travel?

You claim your travel costs when attending a duty, whether it’s public transport fares, or mileage rates for driving. Travel to training sessions at your unit is at your own expense.

Do I have to buy my own makeup?

This depends on the unit you join. Some may give you your makeup kits, others will ask you to pay for some items but then you claim back a little money each time you use them on our duties, so that eventually you are fully reimbursed. Much of it is made at home with cheap cooking materials, such as our ‘false tissue’ (playdoh) and blood.

I don’t have any experience applying makeup -- can I still join?

Certainly. Not everyone finds the makeup easy but provided you practise what you are taught you are sure to improve.

I don’t have any experience acting -- can I still join?

Certainly. It’s not stage acting, but using your imagination and studies to tell you how to play each role, and the more experienced people in your unit will guide and help you.

Are there any other roles within CU?

If you want to work with us but not as a ‘casualty’, you can join as a Supporter Member. Local units might invite you to help with their book-keeping, recruiting campaigns or research. Headquarters needs people skilled in finance, publicity, marketing, IT - the list is endless. If you want to train as a ‘casualty’, you can later progress through grades that involve demonstrating and teaching our techniques.

Will this look good on my CV?

Any CV looks good if you have given your time as a volunteer to a worthy cause, as it shows the kind of person you are. If you are seeking work in the performing arts, your experience and training in casualty simulation could be very relevant.

What is the time commitment?

It’s your choice and depends on the amount of free time you have. The more you do with us the more interesting, rewarding and enjoyable it is.