You will be astonished at the effect on your staff or students when they meet our ‘casualties’ in action. The realism of the makeup and acting is the nearest thing they will get to the real emergency. Some have told us that they suddenly forgot it was simulated and had the adrenalin rush (sometimes panic!) that the real situation creates. This, too, is good training, for they learn to manage it productively.

Our members provide feedback during the incident by responding appropriately to careful or clumsy handling. In a debrief session afterwards they can offer invaluable tips in how your staff’s performance could have been improved.

So whether it’s rescue, communication skills, diagnosis, treatment, transport or hospital care, we are convinced that the reality we bring makes all the difference, and we think you will agree. All this fits neatly into our official charity aim: “To advance for the public benefit education and training in first aid, the treatment of illness, nursing, rescue, accident prevention, care in the community and similar activities, particularly through casualty simulation.” This means that we cannot provide our services for pure entertainment, or the shock-horror of Hallowe’en events.

Our members are covered by our Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance policies. If you would like to use us, Headquarters or the Regional Director will help you find your nearest unit, whose managers will discuss your needs and the level of donation we would request to cover our costs and support our charity. We need to know the date, times and venue of your training event, how many of us you need and an outline of what you require of our members.

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