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If images of injury upset you, even simulated ones, then Casualties Union is probably not for you, and we suggest you look no further.

Casualties Union is a registered charity (234672) under the laws of England & Wales, and an independent voluntary organisation. We provide acting and reacting casualties and patients for the medical profession, the emergency services, and those who teach first aid, nursing and rescue.

Our members use makeup and acting skills that have evolved since 1942 to a standard that is accepted and used by the UK's top training hospitals, industry and emergency services.

All our injuries and acting are carefully researched and practised until perfect. We are extremely grateful to some of the country's most eminent medical people who advise us and guide us.

Our vision is that all victims of sudden accident or medical emergency should benefit from the skills of their rescuers and carers who, in turn, had benefited from the realism we provide in their training.